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I was a simple and simple man.
I was a director of the film in Indonesia.
I really loved the film field and have been involved in by me for years consistently for the sake of the progress of the film industry in my country.

Come on we discussed and discussed about all the matters about the film industry, we could change thoughts well for the sake of our progress together.

“Citra Trophy ” in the Indonesian Film Festival (FFI)

Festival Film Indonesia (FFI) is the highest award for the film industry in Indonesia. FFI was first held in 1955 and continued in 1960 and 1967 (under the name National Film Appreciation Week), before finally held regularly since 1973.

Began implementation in 1979, the seed system (Nomination) began to be used. FFI has been stopped in 1992, and only held back in 2004. During its development, was also given the award for television movie Vidia Cup.

FFI trophy three new nominations in 2008

In 1966 began to be given to award winners Cup Images. FFI's Citra Cup 2007 is used to design the sculpture artist (the late) Sidhartha. When the original FFI held FilmIndonesia Foundation (YFI) taken over by the government, in 1979, was approved by the Ministry of Information Citra Cup period, namely Ali Murtopo.

Own image which means 'shadow' or 'image', originally was a poem by Usmar Ismail. The poem was later used as a work song Cornel Simanjuntak. Next Usmar Ismail made as a movie. In the tradition of FFI, the image was then made, a chalice as a symbol of the supremacy of the highest achievement for the field of cinema.


The film recounts the ups and downs of women workers in Hong Kong would soon shoot. The film titled MINGGU PAGI DI VICTORIA PARK directed this Amaria Lola has the support of Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration, Erman Suparno. This is marked by a visit to the Ministry of Social Affairs Wisma Radio in the region, Thursday (17 / 9) yesterday, where supporters of the film all the reading and acting exercises.

After breaking the fast together and watched some scenes being played actresses and actors, Erman admitted his side very supportive of labor-themed films in Hong Kong Indonesia this. The reason is not all like to know the community. Because it is exposed for only sad news.

"We try to facilitate, foster, and just to fix that one but did not intervene. For example, the term migrant workers replaced Labor Indonesia Indonesia (TKI) or Women Workers (TKW). Because of limited funds and we urge all parties to support. Because of this movie not only worth of entertainment, social, cultural and economic reality but also informing workers of life, "he explained to KapanLagi.com.

Erman also expect the film to inform you that is not easy to work abroad, especially to workers. It required skill and trained to make it easier when you are at work.

"Working out is not easy. Many collided with the social and cultural regulation. Not to mention the language. But we are pleased with the spirit of those who do not want to idle," he said again.

Mentioned the effect of this film, Erman claim to give lessons like anyone who is and who will work. "Because there are requirements that must be met, namely self-discipline and prepare yourself with lots of exercise and health. Do not tell me when to hide ill health," he hoped

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